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E-commerce or can say electronic commerce can be defined as a term which describes the selling and purchasing of any good over the Internet, like, buying the clothes, shoes, apparel or anything on an online platform, in simple words, e-commerce is a process where the businesses and the consumers sell and purchase goods via an electronic medium. E-commerce includes online marketing, supply chain system, online transactions, mobile marketing and so many transfers of data through an electronic path which helps the business to run and grow.

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Those online portals on which the selling and purchase of goods are done and also the transactions of amount corresponding to them occurs too are E-commerce website. but, the E-commerce is not bounded by the selling and buying, it also includes the web portals regarding the trading, counselings, tutorial, music, auction, movies, retailing, and so on.

A wide platform is an e-commerce which welcomes every individual to sell their product and buy your product.

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